02 1 / 2013

Okay. 2012 was not the year for me to be winning at life and doing my 365 day sweepstakes experiment. 

2013 is. I’m starting from scratch. I haven’t entered since January of last year. BUT I start today. The winnings should start coming in within a month.

Stay tuned. I’m excited to be back at this weird hobby…



16 3 / 2012

On March 6th at 4:02 AM I received this email: “Congratulations you’re an Apartment Therapy contest winner!”

I don’t know what Apartment Therapy is but it makes me think of my amazing apartment. Have I mentioned on this blog before how much I LOVE my apartment? Well, get ready because I’ll say it a lot. It’s the cutest and it brings me peace in the middle of a crazy year in a crazy city. 

But, I digress! 

What is Canvas Pop? Here’s the original entry page:

Basically I send them a photo and they turn it into an 8 x 10 canvas print. I love these kinds of wins because it’s something I would never buy but will look super cute in my AMAZING apartment! Yep. I love it that much. I do dances about how much I love my apartment. Not joking. So, next time you see me if you want me to look like a fool, mention my apartment and I will dance. 

So the odds on this one were also pretty good. 1000 people won what I won. Which is great. 

Value = $25.

I’ve been getting a lot of these random wins of small things with good odds lately because I’m still just now getting to the point where I have time to enter consistently. By April bigger prizes will be rolling in. But for now, the small ones are still fun. 

Now I just have to choose my pictures for my apartment. Hmm … 

14 3 / 2012

So I have a small win. Like really small. I don’t even want to bore you with it but for statistical purposes I have to report it. ALL WINS MUST BE DOCUMENTED! 

Got this email today with the subject line, “Robyn Norris is a Sunsweet PlumSweets Winner”. I just like the way that sounds. It should be a song. Or an actor’s vocal/enunciation warmup. Finally, I have something to replace, “A Big Black Bug Bit a Big Black Bear and the Big Black Bear Bled Black Blood.” Am I right theatre nerds? RIGHT?!

Yeah … okay. 

Here’s the email:

This is a small win but it’s cute and it makes me smile. 

I had already received the postcards a few days ago.

This was a sweeps that I entered on Facebook. It’s no longer listed so I’m not sure what my odds were but I’m guessing there were a lot of winners. I also vaguely recall that since it says “Sweets for your Sweet” that I’m supposed to give this to someone I’m dating. Well … sorry PlumSweets. I’m single. But I’ll see what I can do. I’m sure me giving someone a bag of plums will TOTALLY make them want to be my boyfriend. 

But I thank you for the win. :) 

Total Value = $5.50

Tiny win. Fun win. I’ll add it to the tally that I will start in my next post. Oh, yes. A tally is coming. 

Thanks for reading! 


11 3 / 2012

I enter so many sweeps that it is frustrating if my internet is slow. Because then I’m wasting time waiting for webpages to load. 

This has been happening so much lately that it was taking away from my love of sweeps. So I spent a few hours the other day trying to  figure out if I could use Roboform (my automatic form filler) on another browser. 

It’s trickier since I have a Mac. But I’m pretty good at researching tech stuff and finding the answers on my own. 

So I tried it on Firefox. No go. super frustrating and I didn’t like the browser. 

Then I saw that RoboForm Lite was available for Google Chrome. I figured I’d try it. Wasn’t too optimistic since it had the word Lite in the title. But once I got on Chrome there was no going back. I can’t even explain how much faster it is than Safari. And it’s worth the trade off using the Roboform Lite version which isn’t that much different. 

I’m SO happy. Is it sad that fast internet can make me so happy? I don’t care.


See you guys tomorrow. :) 


10 3 / 2012

An instant win sweeps is exactly what it sounds like. You find out if you won instantly. 

There are several small prizes given away in instant win sweeps which makes it more fun because you could win something right then and there. Your odds are pretty good because the advertisers want you to come back daily.

Instant win sweeps are often in the form of a game. “Spin the wheel” or “Use this key to unlock a prize” … stuff like that.

Because I enter so many sweeps I often don’t have time to play these games if they’re complicated. If that’s the case there is usually an option that says, “If you can’t see the game, click here”. So I click that to find out if I won and save myself the time. 

But if it’s a fast game I’ll play it. Yesterday I decided to play a Culver’s Instant win game on Facebook. Basically you get a fishing pole and fish for … Fish. It’s Culver’s. 

So you got three chances and on the second chance I caught a fish! And I saw this:

Hooray! What did I win?

Sweet! So I’m not a big coupon person. I always forget to use them. But I like the idea of them. And this is totally free, so that’s cool. 

Also, I’m pretty sure there’s not a Culver’s in LA. So if anyone far away wants this, let me know and I’ll drop it in the mail real quick. 

It’s still fun to win. :) 

What were my odds? 

Yeah. Lots of winners for these. 

Total Win = $4.89

Hey, I’m a starving actor. I’ll take it. 

Have a great Saturday! :) 


09 3 / 2012

I won something today. It’s intangible. Sort of. But I think it will be pretty cool. And, technically speaking, it’s my biggest win this year, dollar wise. 

Here’s the email I received at 5:25 AM this morning:

I clicked on the link and here’s what I found:

Umm … this is amazing. I won a GLOW SESSION. What is that?! Oh, this is what it is …

WHAT?! $397. Well, I would certainly never spend that much money on making myself feel better … aside from therapy, but that’s built up over time. 

Okay. So it would be SUPER easy for me to make fun of this. And, trust me, I want to. Except that I kind of love self help stuff. AND this is exactly what I’ve been trying to work on for myself the past two years as I tend to lose myself and give everything to other people and not take care of myself.

And given how this year has started off (rough) I think I may actually get something out of this. And if not, then I’ll at least have a funny story. Which is another reason why I love entering sweeps. This is not something I would ever seek out but I love it when things find me. 

Aisa already called me and left me a very nice (and soothing) message this morning. So I’ve emailed her some dates and times for my GLOW SESSION!! 

Oh, yes. This is awesome. Biggest win yet. 

Value = $397

Only 28 people entered, so my odds were amazing. 

Yeah, let’s do this. It’s Glow Time! 

Have a great weekend, everyone. :) 

09 3 / 2012

On January 31st I received this email. 

I was pretty excited about this because when I Googled the giveaway I found this:

Lots of possible prizes and I wasn’t sure which one I was getting. I knew I wasn’t getting one of the grand prizes but was hopeful for one of the higher end weekly prizes.

The package arrived last week. I opened with anticipation only to find I had won one of the smallest prizes. The Customized 1GB USB (ARV: $5.98).

Oh well. It’s still a win even if it’s tiny. 

As you can see the odds for winning any prize were pretty high on this one. And I like that I got it as a second chance win since several people got second chance wins for the stuff I didn’t claim in January. 

Tiny wins are still wins. Hooray for small things! :) 

07 3 / 2012

So I had really wanted this to be a year long experiment. And the year got off to such a rocky start that this blog didn’t go as planned.

But starting March 1st I’ve been back on track. 

I want to be mathematical about it and all … like how much can I really win each month when I enter daily and consistently? With tallies at the end of the month tracking my results. Like real nerdy. That’s what I want. And I’m finally being consistent about it. 

So the posts from January and February were fun but I’m considering March the start of the year of the experiment. Because, to be honest, there was so much going on, I couldn’t enter sweepstakes regularly. 

I’ve had a couple of small wins but more to come! Thanks for your patience with this. 

See you tomorrow! :) 

06 3 / 2012

I won at Settlers of Catan. Only my second time playing. I know it’s not a sweeps or contest. But still. I’m a winner. 
I was green. Check out that longest road and all the cities. Woot. 

I won at Settlers of Catan. Only my second time playing. I know it’s not a sweeps or contest. But still. I’m a winner. 

I was green. Check out that longest road and all the cities. Woot. 

02 3 / 2012

Okay. I was told last night that I’d been slacking on this blog. It’s true. But I’m back!

2012 has been a year of losses and it just won’t let up. Last week was a tough one with the breakup of my improv team, Hot Toddy, that I love so much as well as another lesson for me about letting go of the negative forces that keep popping up and focusing on the people and things that are just good. (And there are a lot of them when you open your eyes). So I’m trying to do just that. Despite several hardships I’ve always been able to bounce back and be positive but I have to be very honest and say it’s been tough to do this year.

It’s funny that everything is happening during the year I decided to write a blog about winning at life. Because I certainly don’t feel like I am right now. But I will continue to press on. Like Destiny’s Child, “I”m a Survivor!” And I’m also a winner. Deal with it world. And stop throwing S#*t at me please. Pretty please?

Also, it’s not all bad. There are some exciting prospects on the horizon that you’ll find out about as soon as I’m allowed to discuss. But cross your fingers for me and forgive my vagueness! 

March 1st seemed to be a good day to dive back in and enter sweeps so I’m back in! And I’ve already gotten encouragement from a small win today. 

This morning I received this email:

What? I don’t even know what a Meisel Tuner is and I don’t remember entering this one. But here’s what I found through Google.

I don’t know what the odds were or how many people entered. But I think there were five winners. 

I don’t play an instrument … I really wish I did. So this will either go to a friend or be up on eBay. Or I’ll take up the Ukulele. 

Once I’ve caught up on my finances I won’t be selling anything on eBay. So if you’re friends with me I’ll be putting shoutouts here for things like this and the first person to respond gets it. Or they’ll be given away on a web series that I’m working on for later this year. That’s my dream. It’s a ways off, but it’s coming! 

Retail value = $24.95

I love random wins. And despite tough goings, I love my life. 

Have a great weekend, friends. I’ll write more tomorrow. :)