09 3 / 2012

I won something today. It’s intangible. Sort of. But I think it will be pretty cool. And, technically speaking, it’s my biggest win this year, dollar wise. 

Here’s the email I received at 5:25 AM this morning:

I clicked on the link and here’s what I found:

Umm … this is amazing. I won a GLOW SESSION. What is that?! Oh, this is what it is …

WHAT?! $397. Well, I would certainly never spend that much money on making myself feel better … aside from therapy, but that’s built up over time. 

Okay. So it would be SUPER easy for me to make fun of this. And, trust me, I want to. Except that I kind of love self help stuff. AND this is exactly what I’ve been trying to work on for myself the past two years as I tend to lose myself and give everything to other people and not take care of myself.

And given how this year has started off (rough) I think I may actually get something out of this. And if not, then I’ll at least have a funny story. Which is another reason why I love entering sweeps. This is not something I would ever seek out but I love it when things find me. 

Aisa already called me and left me a very nice (and soothing) message this morning. So I’ve emailed her some dates and times for my GLOW SESSION!! 

Oh, yes. This is awesome. Biggest win yet. 

Value = $397

Only 28 people entered, so my odds were amazing. 

Yeah, let’s do this. It’s Glow Time! 

Have a great weekend, everyone. :)